Born and works in Melbourne, Australia.

Din Heagney is a writer, editor and researcher with a focus on the collaborations and intersections of creativity and communication. He has extensive experience in the public and private sectors working as a freelance editor, writer, curator and project coordinator. Din also teaches at RMIT University (2014–), MADA Monash University (2017–), and is working with Dr Lily Hibberd (UNSW Sydney) on the forthcoming ParraGirls book (2018–).



Professional Highlights

Academic editing for Dr James Oliver, Melbourne University Press Academic (Associations: Creative Practice & Research, 2018), Dr Steve Thomas (Freedom Stories, 2016), and Dr Andrew Goodman (Parasitic Relations/Gathering Ecologies, 2014).

Books for Thames & Hudson Australia (Melbourne Street Art Guide, 2016), John Ogden and Cyclops Press (Portraits From a Land Without People, 2008), and VIA-N (Making Space: Artist run initiatives in Victoria, 2007).

Catalogues for Simryn GillAustralia Council for the Arts (Venice Biennale, 2013), Biennale of Sydney (all our relations, 2012).

Magazines for Artlink: Australia & Asia Pacific (Experiment, 2012), un Projects (un Magazine 4.1, 2010), and Niche Media (Desktop: Australian Design Digital Culture, 2000–05).

Essays for NGA National Gallery of Australia (Space Invaders, 2010), NGV National Gallery of Victoria (Rigg Design Prize, 2015), artist-run initiatives, galleries, individual artists and designers (2000–).

Features, interviews and reviews for InsideMonumentNylonThe Art LifeArt21NAVA National Association for the Visual Arts, and many others.

Exhibitions for Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia (IPTA Centenary, 2018), Melbourne Food & Wine Festival (Underground Gardens, 2010), Midsumma Festival (UQ, 2009), as artistic director at Platform Artists Group Inc. (2006–10) and BOX (2005–07).