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IMAGE: 'Freddie Jackson' (Din Heagney), Disco Death Star, 2008. Photocollage, 180cm x 80cm. Shown as part of UQ group exhibition at Platform and curated by Din Heagney for Midsumma, Melbourne, 2009.


Diary of an Art Pimp (2004–09) was Din's cheeky and anonymous art blog about a slice of the local art scene. The blog included links to artist projects, exhibitions and news. Din also curated and exhibited a series of art works under pseudonyms connected to the Art Pimp, (read a review by Mark Holsworth here). His identity was amusingly revealed in an article by Penny Modra for The Age newspaper. He wrapped the blog shortly after, but has sporadically written a collection of fictional(ish) art pimp tales ever since.